Rule of Law and Government Accountability

MSI is a leader in implementing sustainable development projects across the globe that help citizens, organizations, and governments to establish the rule of law and combat corruption.

MSI supports the development of more peaceful, just, and inclusive societies by offering our clients a comprehensive approach to improving justice sector delivery and fighting corruption.

Our approach is focused on meeting the needs of citizens as they strive to secure their rightful legal, economic, and civil rights. We respond to challenges that are posed by emerging threats to human rights, such as democratic backsliding and societal conflict, and apply a people-centered framework to our work that allows us to engage with local partners and stakeholders in the design of projects that always place marginalized and vulnerable individuals, families, and communities at the center of our implementation approach.

Rule of Law

Recognizing that two-thirds of the world’s population lacks meaningful access to justice, we take an evidence-based approach to justice sector reform that emphasizes user-friendly service delivery and the removal of constraints that hamper individuals reaching their full human potential.

Government Accountability

Globally, corruption poses a threat to development and democracy. We support governments, civil society, media, and the private sector to combat corruption across a range of sectors. We reduce opportunities for government officials to act with impunity, increase transparency, strengthen accountability, and seek to align societal and individual norms and behaviors towards greater integrity.


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