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Helping USAID’s E3 Bureau make Evidence-based Decisions

For the last six years, MSI has provided rigorous impact and performance evaluations, meta-analyses, and a range of project design activities to USAID’s E3 Bureau. 

USAID’s Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment (E3) provides technical leadership, research and field support for a wide range of activities worldwide, ranging from infrastructure and engineering to women’s empowerment.

We have partnered with the bureau, under the E3 Analytics and Evaluation Project, to deliver high-quality monitoring, evaluation, research and analytic studies to relevant technical offices and missions. Our work also helps help other bureaus strengthen their ability to make evidence-based decisions, foster collaborative learning and account for results achieved with USAID funding.

Our interactive website explains how our nearly 100 activities are delivering critical results and lessons learned for Agency staff.

We have conducted many important and well-utilized studies, including the performance evaluation of SERVIR, a joint USAID-NASA initiative that provides satellite-based Earth observation data and science applications to assist developing nations to improve disaster risk reduction and decision-making.

Based on the evaluation recommendations, USAID incorporated theory-of-change and stakeholder mapping exercises into service planning documents to better understand the use of the geospatial data tools.

We have also conducted two rounds of the E3 Sectoral Synthesis of Evaluation Findings, which reviewed the quality of evaluation reports and extracted technical lessons across all E3 sectors. The lessons were distributed widely across the Agency, fostering learning and collaboration.

The project also underscores our commitment to building local capacity. In Mozambique, for instance, we conducted a pre-post performance evaluation of an innovative land tenure mapping and certification activity. We held pre-design workshops and findings presentations with both USAID and local partners. A local partner was subsequently awarded a similar follow-on activity to scale up the pilot. Our findings helped to directly inform the partner’s approach.

MSI is a leading provider of monitoring, evaluation and learning support to USAID. We conduct similar activities all over the world, including in the Middle East and North Africa, Pakistan and Indonesia.