Providing Critical Learning and Evaluation Support in Yemen

Despite Yemen’s dire circumstances making it one of the most challenging operating environments in the world, we will provide a range of essential monitoring, evaluation and learning services to USAID

As a result of the protracted and pervasive civil war, USAID is managing all assistance remotely from offices in Riyad, Saudi Arabia, Amman, Jordan, and Frankfurt, Germany. This presents unique challenges for USAID and its implementers.

With what has been described as the direst humanitarian situation in the world, made starkly worse by the COVID-19 outbreak that is running unchecked through the country, USAID is overcoming myriad obstacles to deliver a range of essential services, education, health and livelihoods, conflict reduction, entrepreneur support, and financial reform development projects.

To support USAID in this complex operating environment, we are implementing the Yemen Continuous Learning and Evaluation (YCLE) program, a three-year activity to monitor activities, evaluate program performance and program impacts as well as provide up-to-date information about the operational context inside Yemen.

The project will provide a wide range of services from offices in Aden, Yemen, and Amman, Jordan supported by subject matter and regional experts from our home office. Our team will evaluate the performance and results of USAID activities while helping USAID learn and adapt for improved effectiveness amidst a rapidly changing conflict and the absence of many traditional national institutions. A significant portion of our effort will focus on applying our globally tested methods, processes and technologies to provide third-party monitoring (TPM) of USAID activities.

The YCLE team will support USAID by implementing a range of activities including monitoring visits, surveys and polls, implementation of monitoring databases, delivering remote learning and training events, situation assessments, and specialized studies.

The project will enhance USAID’s monitoring, evaluation and learning systems, and staff capacity through focused assessment, evaluation, data analysis and sharing, and improving project- and activity-level M&E plans. YCLE will also focus on providing capacity-building support to local implementers and partner organizations and Yemeni institutions in their efforts to employ data-driven performance management systems.

MSI is USAID’s largest provider of monitoring, evaluation and learning services, and we are currently implementing 13 similar MEL platform contracts. We also have a proven track record of pioneering flexible and adaptive TPM approaches in non-permissive environments, including in Nigeria, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria.

To view the project fact sheet in Arabic, click here.




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