Performance Monitoring

From our start working with clients to improve performance monitoring more than 30 years ago, we continue to develop innovative methods and tools to measure and assess program progress.

We help clients develop clear statements of intended results, create valid, reliable and actionable performance indicators, set feasible, evidence-based targets, and collect data through a range of methods, formats and collection protocols.

We also focus on improving data quality, conducting rigorous quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and designing compelling data visualizations and graphics to better report on performance.

The lens through which we provide performance monitoring services is focused on learning and adaptive management, ensuring each client receives the performance data they need for informed decision making. To foster learning through performance monitoring, we employ a variety of tools, including:

  • Streamlining performance indicators
  • Collaborative, high-level performance reviews
  • Cross-cutting performance indicator analyses
  • Context monitoring workshops
  • Rapid iterative learning
  • Learning corrals; and
  • Rapid independent longitudinal surveillance.
We also provide Performance Management Plan (PMP) support to dozens of USAID Missions and have designed and updated related training modules for USAID.

Additionally, we have pioneered new methods to gather program data in non-permissive environments via third-party monitoring, including in Afghanistan (twice), Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Mali, Darfur and Pakistan. We tailor each third-party monitoring approach to the client’s information needs.


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