Building on a solid foundation of results-based management established over 35 years, our skilled experts apply performance measurement approaches specifically designed for the education field.

Our primary areas of focus include:

Student Assessments: With a team of psychometricians and statisticians, we conduct common standardized student assessments such as Early Grade Reading Assessments (EGRA) and Early Grade Math Assessments (EGMA), and design customized student assessments. We also support donors in their efforts to calculate progress toward global reading and access in conflict goals.

Impact Evaluation (IE): Our well-qualified team of evaluators, statisticians, psychometricians, and IT professionals design and implement practical and cost-effective IEs that meet international evaluation standards. We fully involve government officials and local researchers to build capacity and ensure ownership. Our evaluation expertise ranges from design, tools development, data collection, field supervision, data analysis, quality control, reporting, and dissemination. We often use internally developed, tablet-based data collection technology.

Performance Monitoring: We facilitate the development of donor and project performance monitoring plans, ensuring that they follow a clear development hypothesis, measure impact, outcomes and outputs, and are practical in operation. We strive for a participatory process to build engagement throughout the process.

Performance Evaluation: We approach program evaluation by assessing the program against its own objectives while also examining its place within the national education context. We also help to ensure that evaluation deliverables are distributed as lessons learned, and support adjustments to on-going projects to optimize impact and inform new program designs.

Scaling Up: Our industry-recognized MSI Scaling Up Framework and toolkit can provide a range of support, including trainings and one-on-one consultations, to donors and implementers to take effective pilot projects to scale.

Student Assessments

We design and implement a full range of student assessments, including Early Grade Reading and Math Assessments (EGRAs and EGMAs) and curriculum-based language, math, and science assessments.


We design and implement quality and cost-effective education evaluations so that decisions on programming and policies are based on strong and timely evidence.


We support the effective and efficient management of education programs through performance monitoring.

Scaling Up

We support countries in achieving sustained improvements in education access and learning outcomes through increased government capacity.


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